I wanna talk about Frogasia because my school has made me one. It’s a kind of an account about emm.. it’s like a blog but we don’t put post on it. It receives messages from others. It is used to learn. Yup, schools have everything about learning.


Ok, we do get banned from club penguin if you’re being rude. But there’s another rule. And that is…Don’t play Club Penguin quite TOO much. Instead of getting banned by a moderator,                 you’ll get banned from your own mother. IF you know what I mean..

Club Penguin

Hello, long time no see! I’m just wanna talk about club penguin. It’s my favorite game. We can meet new friends, play and earn coins. The coins can be use to buy items. But some features requires membership and that stinks. I really want hair for my penguin.

Have a penguin? Friend me! I’m Yellowflips7.

A good fact

These are some facts that is quite makes sense.

1.You are reading this fact.

2.You’re making a strange look because you read the fact above.

3.Then you are reading this fact.

4.And you read this fact.

5.You will now know that this is the end.